Pilot Polarized Bronze
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Pilot Polarized Bronze

$ 79.95 USD
One of our most iconic styles, now polarized! Introducing our cutting-edge Sunglass Lenses - the ultimate eyewear innovation for those who demand superior performance and style. With a combination of advanced technologies, these lenses redefine the way you experience the world while providing maximum protection and comfort. These Sunglass Lenses are not just a fashion statement; they are a practical and essential addition to your outdoor adventures. Elevate your style and protect your vision with the perfect blend of form and function. See the world in a whole new light with these remarkable lenses!

Key Features

Anti-Reflective Coating: Say goodbye to distracting glare and reflections, ensuring crystal-clear vision in any lighting condition.
Maximum UV Ray Protection: Guarding your eyes against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, and ensuring your eyes stay safe under the sun.
Blue Light Reflection: These lenses are designed to reduce blue light exposure, minimizing eye strain and allowing you to enjoy your digital devices with ease.
Great on the Water: Ideal for water enthusiasts, these lenses enhance visibility on the water's surface by reducing glare, ensuring you can fully enjoy your time on the beach, boat, or by the pool.
High Definition Polarized Lens: Experience the world in stunning clarity with high-definition polarization that enhances contrast and depth perception, all while reducing unwanted glare.
Great Peripheral Vision: These lenses offer an expansive field of vision, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings, making them perfect for sports, outdoor activities, and daily life.
Reduce Light Glare and Strain: With their advanced glare-reducing technology, these lenses minimize eye fatigue, making them a must-have for long days in the sun.


  • All Orion sunglasses provide UV and blue light protection and come with a microfiber bag and a polypropylene case.
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