“Kevin, thank you for my pair of ORION 450- UV sunglasses.  I wear my Orion's when I'm running & biking regardless of the weather outside. The clarity is amazing. 

Christian McGarrigle
Golfer, Marathon Runner &
2010 Ironman St. George Finisher 
Orion Enthusiast
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 I have had the Orion UV-450 Blade Frames for a week, and they are awesome. These frames are super clear and an equal to any other commercial lens. They have wonderful visibility and are super light weight. I wear them anywhere and no matter what job I've had to do, they have been amazing: fishing, hunting, volleyball, you name it, they can do it. I love my pair of Orion Glasses, and I would suggest them to anyone that was asking for a reliable pair of lens".

Jorge Fajardo
A fellow golfer and myself picked up a couple of sunglassses from Kevin a week ago. The clarity and comfort of these glasses rivals the big name products at a lower price. I you are a golfer, you will be pleased  with the visibility provided by UV-450 lenses. Both of us agreed that the ball is easier  to track and the locate when wearing these glasses.
I am also impressed with the comfort to the eyes when driving or boating on a sunny day. My opinion would be that, if you are interested in wholesaling, you should get in on the ground floor in selling this product before it takes off, big time. If not, just buy a pair and enjoy!

Matt Melzer

Golfer and Sportsman
Kevin, man Christi and I have been wearing your new frames everyday and we think they are the best we've ever tried. Light weight, super clear vision and great for riding my Harley Davidson! Great product! I'm telling my friends about them. God bless you brother.

I got my pair of Orion Sunglasses about a month ago and I am in love with them! As a lifeguard it's really important to have a great pair of sunglasses and my Orion glasses do the trick. They completely take away the glare from the sun and they are the first pair of glasses that really make me feel like my eyes aren't having to strain while I'm watching the pool. I have worn old sunglasses since I got my Orion and really isn't the same! Nothing can compare to this great lens.

Kristin Lucas
I tried Orion Sunglasses today on my 55 mile bike ride. I did a better ride than usual due to these light sunglasses. I could see better than any other glasses I have used before. I look forward to doing better in my 2018 Ironman season because I have Orion Sunglasses.

Kurt Kahl 

2017 Champion 80-84 All World Athlete